Narborough, Leicestershire

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Name: Everards Original
Percentage: 5.2%
Units: 3.0 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: This premium ale and winner of the gold medal in the International Brewing Awards. Original is best known for its smooth, full-bodied taste. Take your time to discover all the flavours within, a very good strong beer.
Name: Sunchaser
Percentage: 4.0%
Units: 2.3 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: Sunchaser Blonde is a thirst-quenching beer made in the style of a continental lager. Hence you will find subtle fruit flavours and a little sweetness within.
Name: Tiger
Percentage: 4.2%
Units: 2.4 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: Tiger Best Bitter is a classic example of getting the perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness. Crystal malt gives the beer its rounded toffee character.