Sudbury, Suffolk

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Name: Bah Humbug
Percentage: 4.9%
Units: 2.8 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: A tawny red strong bitter with a malt and fruit aroma brewed with Goldings hops and Maris Otter malted barley. Brewed especially for the festive season this warming ale has a full bodied soft finish.
Name: Black Adder
Percentage: 5.3%
Units: 3.0 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: A dark bitter stout. Roast and nut aromas with a fruity balance of hops and dark malt provide an excellent, lingering finish.
Name: Christmas Reserve
Percentage: 6.6%
Units: 3.7 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: A powerful seasonal beer brewed with Maris Otter malt, Fuggles hops and dry hopped with Goldings for a full rich aroma.
Name: Dickens
Percentage: 4.0%
Units: 2.3 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: A light coloured bitter with a fine distinctive hop nose. It delivers a refreshing dry fruity finish.
Name: Eatanswill Old
Percentage: 4.0%
Units: 2.3 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: Taking its name from the title given to Sudbury by Dickens in Pickwick Papers, this is a winter ale of deep red and brown hue. It has a well balanced fruit and malt plus a slight sweetness on the palate ending in a pleasant roast bitterness.
Name: Mauldons Bitter
Percentage: 3.6%
Units: 2.0 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: A traditional session bitter brewed with Maris Otter pale and wheat malts, Styrian Goldings hops resulting in a strong floral nose with a lingering bitter finish.
Name: Micawber’s Mild
Percentage: 3.5%
Units: 2.0 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: A dark mild brewed with pale, roasted barley and crystal malts and 100% Amarillo hops. This traditional beer has a full round flavour with a slight but distinctive bitter finish.
Name: Mole Trap Bitter
Percentage: 3.8%
Units: 2.2 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: A well balanced session beer with a crisp bitterness, late malt flavours come through on the finish.
Name: Suffolk Pride
Percentage: 4.8%
Units: 2.7 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: Depicting the original White Horse Brewery emblem. This premium full bodied bitter is light in colour, has a powerful bouquet of hops and a developed dry fruit finish.
Name: White Adder
Percentage: 5.3%
Units: 3.0 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: A golden strong ale. A warming fruity flavour dominates and lingers into a dry hoppy finish.