Old Cannon Brewery

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

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Name: Black Pig
Percentage: 4.8%
Units: 2.7 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: This seasonal ale pours black with a pleasant red tinge against the light. Tasty coffee and roasty flavours, a good winter session beer by the open fire.
Name: Blonde Bombshell
Percentage: 4.2%
Units: 2.4 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: Originally brewed as a summer seasonal, this golden bitter has excellent body allied to a clean and refreshing character. First Gold hops and East Anglian malt combine to give a smooth, wellbalanced flavour.
Name: Grapeshot
Percentage: 4.4%
Units: 2.5 per 568ml (Pint)
Name: Gunner’s Daughter
Percentage: 5.5%
Units: 3.1 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: A well-balanced strong ale with a complexity of hop, fruit, sweetness and bitterness in the flavour, and a lingering, pleasant, hoppy, bitter aftertaste.
Name: Old Cannon Best Bitter
Percentage: 3.8%
Units: 2.2 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: An excellent session beer brewed using Styrian Goldings, giving a crisp grapefruit aroma and taste. Very refreshing, full of flavour and extremely moreish.
Name: Old Chestnut
Percentage: 4.2%
Units: 2.4 per 568ml (Pint)
Name: St Edmunds Head
Percentage: 4.8%
Units: 2.7 per 568ml (Pint)