Ossett Brewery

Ossett, Wakefield

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Name: Black Bull
Percentage: 3.9%
Units: 2.2 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: A dark, dry bitter. Brewed specially for our first tied house but also available elsewhere.
Name: Pale Gold
Percentage: 3.8%
Units: 2.2 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: A light, refreshing pale ale designed for the discerning session drinker. Pale Gold has a floral/spicy aroma derived from the finest American hops. A beer that drinks higher than its modest alcohol content would suggest.
Name: Silver King
Percentage: 4.3%
Units: 2.4 per 568ml (Pint)
Description: Pale, hoppy bitter with a lot of flavour and a great lingering after taste.