Vale Inn | Bollington Brewing Co. Ltd Vale Inn's very own brewery, 150 yards from the pub with all beers brewed by Kym Wainwright brother of the Lee the owner of the Vale. en-gb GMT Best, 4.2% (Bollington Brewing Co.)Champion Beer of Cheshire 2009 Formerly First Brew this is a our first ale and still the most popular. A delightfully hoppy bitter. Clean & crisp with a light golden colour and a refreshing bitter aftertaste. This IS the best pint in Bollington!! Nights, 3.9% (Bollington Brewing Co.)Won the Mild category at the Sheffield Steel City beer festival 2009 and also took Bronze in the overall competition. A very dark beer, but not too heavy, just what we like at the Vale. This is a smooth traditional dark ale with a light flavour and aroma, but a definite bitterness. Brew, 4.0% (Bollington Brewing Co.)No flavourings or syrups are used in this beer, just hot chillies. Although the beer has a warming after taste it has an initial mild taste and that also makes it a good drinking beer, as well as the chilli it also has a slight background hoppiness. Ale, 4.3% (Bollington Brewing Co.)Deep copper coloured beer with a fresh slightly fruity nose, a traditional style bitter with a dry hoppy finish. The name comes from a beer formerly brewed by Heaver Brothers the last brewery before us 80 years ago in Bollington. Nights, 4.0% (Bollington Brewing Co.)A spooky brew. Well actually its a very deep red with a combination of hops to create an interesting flavour, not tto sweet. For a 4% beer it's full of body and had good lingering after taste. Brew, 4.0% (Bollington Brewing Co.)Our first attempt at something different. A classic ginger bitter, dark golden hoppy bitter flavour, a smooth taste with fresh root ginger added at the end. Ale, 3.8% (Bollington Brewing Co.)A great sandy coloured walking bitter Valley, 4.0% (Bollington Brewing Co.)A creamy golden fresh session bitter with a clean after taste and good body. Happy Valley is the name Bollington is known by its residents. Hop, 3.9% (Bollington Brewing Co.)Our cricket theme bitter is still one of our most popular. Pale, hoppy and sweet Mill Stout, 5.0% (Bollington Brewing Co.)Second in the Champion Beer of Cheshire 2009. An Oatmeal Stout with a twist. A hoppy bitter taste keeps the sweetness in check and allows for a great dark beer. Bollington is know for it's Mills and Oat Mill Stout has a great ring to it! Nancy, 3.6% (Bollington Brewing Co.)Won the 'Best Bitter' category at the Sheffield Steel City beer festival 2009 and also took Silver in the overall competition.Very pale light bitter with a good hoppiness and light body. White Nancy is the famous folly on top of the Kerridge Ridge which overlooks Bollington. Reserve, 4.6% (Bollington Brewing Co.)Golden Brown colour with winter fruits, a very warming smooth bitter and easy drinking despite its strength.